Attending the live in Singapore was considered a huge achievement for me as I was so close to cancelling the trip. Buying the ticket was a breeze, trying to get in is another story.

I came too close cancelling my Singapore ticket because of my fan­friends stories in the past of how LAMC always selling festival only for ONE OK ROCK shows and that the venues were always overly crowded they couldn’t really enjoy it due to lots of pushing and fans recording the live, which reminded me of my sort of traumatic experience back when I saw them in Jakarta 2013. I was in a strategic position just about 4 rows from the stage and it truly was an amazing view until I felt uncomfortable with the pushers and recorders around me. Like everyone was hysterical they pushed me around frantically while most of them also recording throughout the show. I understand their excitement, a shot or two or five even every once in a while is completely acceptable to me. I did that too. But it’s just meh I didn’t queue since 6AM and bought a ticket to see your phones! At one point I snapped and hit a random guy’s phone right in front of me it fell to the ground *sorry, not sorry*. So I was a bit skeptical on doing it festival again (in Jakarta or Singapore, as this did not happen in Kuala Lumpur 2013).

However after seeing the band doing their usual gigs at Manila, I was convinced I want to see them again so I gave it a go with my Singapore ticket.

Once I pumped up on the idea on seeing them again, came another problem. I did call the ticket agent in Jakarta moons back asking if I can print my online ticket purchase and emailed them the details but completely forgotten to get the printed ticket. My bad. Then as I arrived in the venue to get my ticket cluelessly, somehow I was told to go to Singapore Plaza to the ticket agent and have it printed there. Still excited, I went there only to be coldly put down that my ticket was already printed in Jakarta and there’s no way they can print it again. If I still want to see the band, I would have to buy a new ticket. My knees went jelly all the sudden. You mean I have to go home after all I went through going to Singapore just to see them? You’ve got to be kidding me.

I stomped my own toe really hard it hurts so much I had to restore myself quickly to negotiate beg them to ask for help from anyone in charge to find other possible solutions (please!). After 30 mins of waiting and a couple calls to important people in both their Jakarta and Singapore offices, they decided to send me back to the venue with a piece of paper that comes with the local manager’s name on it with no assurance that I could get in. Like hell would I come back to Jakarta like this so I pushed it through and returned to the venue anyway. As I arrived back to the venue I carefully chose a staff I think would be helpful enough of my situation I didn’t feel like being treated coldly again eventhough I’m at fault, talked my way to him of what happened and by the end of my pleas, he made a quick call. I held my breath, crossed my fingers and finally he smiled and said that I’m allowed to get in without the ticket. Woohooooo!!

Moral story: always print your ticket at the venue before the live, period.

Once the hurdles sorted out, everything was so worth it. The venue, Fort Canning Park, is an amazing multi-purpose park. It has an arena­-like­ outdoor setting by the nature despite its location in the heart of the city, surrounded by museums, gardens, residentials and historical buildings. Even when I chose to watch the band from far back (away from mosh­pits, pushers­around, and recording frenzies), I could still enjoy my view and their performance. The expected all-­day rain too was not in present! I wasted a couple of $ buying the poncho 😦

ONE OK ROCK performed amazing as usual, like you could really feel that they are wholeheartedly wanting to give the fans a good time. However, it was visible that the tour took a toll on Taka (he looked and felt worn out at some points). His voice and stamina weren’t as energetic as he was in Manila. But again, this dude just sang (and screamed) all the way from the States to Europe to Asia within a couple of months. Plus the band was extremely busy in 2015 with the making of their newest album XXXV followed by promotional tours. I had nothing but respect to ONE OK ROCK as they always give one hell of a ride every time I see their concerts, despite the lukewarm acceptance on XXXV stated as nothing but just another American-pop-album compared to their wildest days of Zankyou ReferenceNiche Syndrome, Zetaikubyo, and Jinsei x Boku. I agree they messed up on their first move to what they call world domination USA with XXXV. Hey, no band’s perfect! Even Coldplay suffered so much with their recent albums (I never moved on since X&Y). IMHO, ONE OK ROCK still worth every penny I spend at the concerts and albums 🙂

Thank you for another amazing Asia tour, ONE OK ROCK! Come back soon ❤

Singapore Setlist

The taxi driver dropped me at a stranded bus stop that is located behind the stage. As I was confused looking for the main entrance, apparently the band was rehearsing and I could see them here! ❤


Then came the staffs telling us to go 😦 but at least I got to wave at Toru and Tomoya! *shameless me*
Lucky fans pooled accidentally back stage seeing the band’s rehearsal.


Queuing and squirrels-watching.


Late night wrapping up the Taiwan – Manila – Singapore tour with the squad. See you guys next year! 😀

8 thoughts on “ONE OK ROCK XXXV Asia Tour 2016 – SINGAPORE

  1. Lucky, you went to Taiwan and Singapore! Will do that next time but I’m targetting Japan this year should they do make a gig after Europe.

    Hopefully Part 2 will be more of a bang in Manila XDD


    1. I only went to Manila and Singapore. Sadly, I had to cancel my Taiwan ticket. But my friends went there 😊😄

      Let’s join us hopping countries stalking them next time 😁


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